Which tank will fill up first? – Puzz144

Which tank will fill up first? These viral puzzles are stump on the internet. Here you will find many interesting puzzles and riddles for the genius students.

Which tank will fill up first?

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1 thought on “Which tank will fill up first? – Puzz144”

  1. See,it’s a tricky one.Lets try to imagine.So water drips to the 1st tank and we also know as tank 3 is at a lower height than tank 2.So water would escape to tank 3.Then it leads to 2 tanks,one is 4th and second is 5th.Obviously,it can never go to 4th as the tank is covered at that portion.So it would escape to 5th one but if u guys observe carefully it is covered at the end so it can not go to 5th too.Hence it will remain in the 3rd tank.


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